Google Tricks and Shortcuts

Google can get us the answer to almost anything we ask. But the company’s worked very hard in recent years to not just give us the information, but give it to us in the most useful way possible.
Check out these 21 Google tricks and shortcuts to make your life on the internet easier. 

Set a timer

Compare the nutritional value of two different foods.

Get the sunrise and sunset times for where you are. 

Play a game like Zerg Rush just by typing it into the search bar.

Get the forecast for any city in the world. Just type it in. 

There’s a versatile tip calculator built into the site.

Find your flight status. Just enter in the flight number and airline.

Type in “do a barrel roll” and see what happens!

…and you can probably imagine what happens when you just type in “tilt.”

Showtimes for your favorite series? Just type the name in, followed by “episodes.”

Type in “[movie name] release date” and guess what you’ll get?

Find movies playing in your area just by searching in the search bar.

Pull up basic info for a company just by typing in its name!

Have a music artist you want to hear more of? Just type “songs by [artist]”

For an old-school nostalgia blast, type in “Atari Breakout.”

Google can convert cups to ounces, feet to meters, dollars to yen..

It can translate pretty well also

If you type “recursion,” you’ll get stuck in a very meta loop!

“Books by [author]” will give you a visual chronology of all the works they’ve done.

Upload a picture to Google Images to see where it originated.

Click that little microphone by the search bar if you’d rather speak than type.

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