Dad Sends Funniest Text Messages to Mom While Dealing With Son’s Vomit

Any parent could easily tell you that from time to time, children can be rather disgusting. Although they are quite adorable, there can be times when fluid is leaking from almost any orifice and the smells can be rather repulsing as well. That isn’t even to mention the cleanup that is involved!

The majority of parents are just going to smile and get over it, basically because they feel it is a sacrifice that is worth the love of a child. Some parents, however, are rather unprepared for what happens when a child decides to really cut loose and vomit.

Ben Patterson is one of those fathers, and he recently had an education that all of us can appreciate. He was driving his kids on a Friday night, and the mother had a night out with friends. He thought everything would be fine, but then the chaos started.

Ben sent a text to the mother, sending a photo of the son who was totally covered in vomit. He told the wife that he had pulled over and was now “Trying not to throw up myself.”

son threw upBen may have spoken too soon, because it didn’t take long before he was standing in some woman’s front yard puking his guts out. He referred to it as being a “sympathetic vomiter.”

son threw up 1When the homeowner came out, she thought that he was probably drunk so she called the police. When they arrived, the father got a breathalyzer test, which only showed that he was completely sober. The real problem was, he was disgusted by his child’s vomit.

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