Flowers And Vegetables You Can Grow Solely In A Glass Of Water

Houseplants make our homes cozy and pleasing to the eye.

 There are houseplants that can undoubtedly develop, even without soil. Here’s a rundown of them for you.


You put cloves of garlic into water, green sprouts will develop after some time. These green shoots are consumable and you can add them to your serving of mixed greens.

Chinese Cabbage

You can develop new leaves of Chinese cabbage regardless of whether you have just its base piece. Place the root end in a shallow bowl of water and watch it regrow from the middle.

Green Onions

All you require is a glass, water, and a couple of globules of green onions to ensure you have a perpetual supply of this solid vegetable.


Carrot tops grow new greens before long when you put them in a shallow bowl of water. These greens are consumable, so you can add them to your servings of mixed greens or blend them with nectar


First ensure that their base parts are 2 inches in length. At that point put them in water.


Mint is an incredible expansion to tea, desserts, and diverse sauces, and it’s truly simple to develop. You should simply put its underlying foundations in water.


You don’t need to purchase this herb at the supermarket to keep up a endless supply. You can simply develop basil in a glass of water.


To develop rosemary in your kitchen you’ll need a couple of stems of this sweet-smelling herb. Put these stems in water and before long roots will show up.

When the roots are sufficiently long you’ll have to plant your herbs in  soil.


Numerous individuals surmise that they can develop tulips just in patio nurseries. Be that as it may, this isn’t exactly valid. You can have this wonderful bloom becoming inside your home as well.

You should simply put tulip knobs in a vase with a little measure of water.

Water Hyacinth

This plant can develop effortlessly without soil and it sprouts with fragile lovely blooms.

You can grow a water hyacinth in an aquarium.


You can  develop these wonderful blooms at home. Place hyacinth knobs in a vase loaded up with stones and a little measure of water.

When developing hyacinths, ensure they get enough light.


This is another elaborate bulbous plant which doesn’t expect soil to blossom. All you require is a vase, stones to keep the globule in a steady position, and water.


This plant resembles a thin delicate palm tree and it doesn’t expect soil to develop. All it needs is water.

The best compartment to develop papyrus in is a vase with a steady level of water.

Fiber Optic Grass

Fiber optic grass gets its basic name from wiry lush leaves, which look like fiber optic wire. It can without much of a stretch develop in standing water, and it looks extraordinary in a vase.

Fiber optic grass can make a smaller than normal palm tree impact in the event that you fold a plastic cylinder over its base.


Bamboo becomes before long and a basic vase with water is sufficient for it to end up a full-developed plant. There are distinctive sorts of bamboo which you can develop inside.

Epipremnum Aureum

This houseplant more often than not develops in a pot with soil yet can likewise develop well in water. The other name of Epipremnum aureum is Devil’s Ivy since it’s relatively difficult to slaughter and it remains green notwithstanding when kept in obscurity. Along these lines, it can turn into an extraordinary elaborate plant for your home. 

Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema)

Chinese Evergreen isn’t a water plant, it for the most part develops in a pot with soil. Be that as it may, since it’s one of the most effortless plants to develop, it feels fine in water as well, however its development won’t be as quick as in soil.

Succulents, Including desert flora

These houseplants are exceptionally mainstream since they don’t require visit watering and huge pots to develop in.
The other famous strategy for developing succulents and desert plants is hydroponics. Plant a prickly plant in a pot loaded up with stones, and afterward put this pot inside another loaded up with water.


This extraordinary plant can develop without soil as well as it can even make due without water. You can discover a considerable measure of thoughts on the best way to utilize this plant for home stylistic theme here.

Damp air is sufficient for tillandsia to develop well. In any case, you can enjoy its leaves and roots with a water shower now and again.


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