10 Reasons Why Girls Like You

Apart from looks and money, there are many reasons that can make a girl fall in love with someone.
Try asking your girl, what is the real reason that made her fall in love? She must have said one of the 10 things below.

1. You are really the type!

Girls love a guy because they managed to find someone who fits his type. For him, you meet almost all the standards of your ideal boy.

2. You are a duplicate of his father!

It can’t be denied, the girl easily fell in love with a guy who looked like her father. Whether it’s in terms of physical or deed, what is clear in you is a picture of a father’s figure and making a girl clatter.

3. You are interesting to conquer!

Indeed, only handsome guys are interesting to conquer? No, it turns out! There is something special in you that can attract a girl’s attention. As a result, girls feel challenged to conquer your heart.

4. You meet him in an unexpected situation, and he thinks it’s special!

Certain situations can affect a girl’s heart. For example, you don’t accidentally appear when he needs help. This certainly will leave a sweet impression on him. Because of this accident, your girl fell in love. Amazing and romantic right?

5. You were the mortal enemy!

Who said that if you hate you can’t be love? You can, you know, because from the first you only had in his mind.

6. You like small children, and he sees fatherhood from you!

Men who like small, wise and friendly children can always succeed in making girls fall in love. Well, does this also include the reason he fell in love with you?

7. You managed to make him comfortable even though you only met one or two times!

For some reason, you managed to give him a comfortable feeling. Even though I have only talked once or twice, he has had a lot of stories with you.

8. You have a pet, and you painstakingly take care of it!

Sometimes girls can also fall in love with guys who can take care of pets. If animals are loved, what is the small family later?

9. You make her curious and rarely go out with other girls!

You are a quiet guy, and rarely want to hang out with girls. This is what makes girls curious. For girls, you are a typical guy who is very challenging.

10. Finally, you are a pious person and can calm him down!

Men who are pious and not adventurous can also really make girls fall in love. Which girl doesn’t feel calm accompanied by a pious guy?

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